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    We recently got to try a Kooba Kids zippy swim suit and were really impressed by the quality of the fabric, the super cute design and the fit. We got the large and will get at least two seasons of... More

    Hillary Holt
    August 2, 2023

    So easy to put on, easy for nappy changes and peace of mind in the strong Aussie sun, especially for little kiddos who don’t like hats or sunscreen!

    Elisse DZ
    July 7, 2023

    Absolutely love our Kooba Kids swimsuit! The coverage is amazing and makes it so easy with protecting your little one’s skin at the beach or pool! The two way zip makes it a dream to put on & makes nappy... More

    Holly May Mase
    April 24, 2023

    High quality swimsuits that my little one can be in all day long while out on our family boat to keep her skin protected from the sun without having to use harsh sunscreens. Two way zip and long sleeved and... More

    Jordan Lee Knepscheld
    March 6, 2023

    Great swimmers, style, design and colours. Really like them!!

    Naomi Bee-McDee
    November 14, 2022

    We love our Kooba Kids swimsuit! So easy to use, amazing quality and I don’t need to fuss with keeping on top of sunscreen! Can’t wait to see the new designs ☀️

    Tegan Skyllas
    November 11, 2022

    Really cute and functional swimsuit. The full body coverage means you don’t need to sunscreen which is amazing! Great quality product. Highly recommend

    Allie Sky
    November 10, 2022

    My little 9month Jude old in his Kooba Kids swim outfit, also bought the shoes for the beach. We love the quality and the 2 way zip makes changing on the go hassle free. Not to mention the adorable design. Jude... More

    Natalie Sargeant
    October 3, 2021

    I got the Lori reversible hat from Kooba kids after seeing a recommendation on the Mums of The Shire Facebook page. I love it because it has a wide brim. My daughter loves the hat and she got so many... More

    Allerina MacLarty
    December 11, 2020

    I had searched high and low for swimmers for my daughter that offered full sun protection! I was over the moon when I came across Kooba Kids as it offered just that! With an easy 2 way zip for nappy... More

    Tegan Castle
    January 29, 2019

    The swimsuit is great!! I love that I don't have to worry about sunscreen especially with the hot summer we've had. Great design and super cute!! Definitely recommend it. 🙂

    Alice Rossiter
    January 29, 2019

    We love our Kooba Kids zip-ease suit!! I bought one for my son and it makes being sunsafe at the beach so much easier! No need to worry about sunburn or applying sunscreen all over a wriggly baby. Great service... More

    Kristin North
    January 17, 2019

Other Reviews

I’ve bought swimmers before and they also have cute swim bags and lunch bags. Great idea for Christmas gifts.

Leigh, Nov 2022

The best sun safe swimmers around!

Tegan, Oct 2022

Kooba Kids is the only place I could find togs small enough for my baby.

Shayla, Sept 2022

It is gorgeous, thank you.

Sinead, Feb 2022

We love the swimsuit and the sun protection that it offers – perfect for our Gold Coast lifestyle.

Elle, Dec 2022

They are perfect! Can’t wait for Felix to wear these.

Sophie, Nov 2022

I have a small bub who has only just gone into 0000 at 7 weeks and we are keen to get in the water at 2 months when we are allowed. Everywhere else I look seems to start at 000 so I was specifically hunting for the smaller size. Kooba Kids was the only company I found that sold 0000 swimsuit sizes.

Lisa, Oct 2021

If you’re sun savvy with your little ones and don’t want to worry about applying sunscreen all the time check out these swimsuits for kids.

Tegan N, Oct 2020

Shout out to this beautiful Australian made bather store from Sydney. Bathers, hats and beach shoes, perfect for the summer weather coming up!

Grecian, Oct 2020

We love the swimmers and they fit perfectly, with a little room to grow in the legs. 

Belinda, Jan 2020

We received our swimsuit today.
Thank you so much, it’s great.

Collette, Dec 2019

The swimsuit arrived today. It looks great and just what I was looking for for my little one. I will definitely be recommending it to friends and other mums. 

Emma, Jan 2019